Quality and certifications

For MADAS, maximum customer satisfaction has always been a priority.

This has led the company to design, manufacture and certify its products in accordance with the technical regulations of the sector.

The company management system has been certified since 1994 and it has adapted to all editions of the reference standard up to the current UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

All business processes have always been oriented to customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of product quality and reliability.

We exchange information with the customer daily and our goal is to make them feel as a part of the Madas "family". Our willingness to accept requests and suggestions from outside also gives us the opportunity to continually improve.

We are proud to have created a group in which everyone, without any distinction of race or sex, is considered part of a team. Involving anyone helps us to respect the commitments made both in terms of production, reliability and design in compliance with the aims and regulatory adjustments that follow each other continuously.

The responsible, respectful and transparent behavior in the company, towards every person who interacts with us, is  extremely important and it allows us to be consistent with the corporate code of ethics that we share with our suppliers, too.



MADAS products are used almost all over the world. On all the markets in which it operates, MADAS has obtained the necessary product and quality system certifications to market within each country.

Among the most important certifications, there are:

  • EC (Europe), according to the GAR regulation and the PED and ATEX directives
  • TSE (Turkey)
  • EAC and GAZSERT (Russian market)
  • UKSEPR (Ukraine)
  • CCC (China)
  • Nepsi (China)
  • Kcs (KOSHA, Korea)



The internal testing laboratory is recognized and used by several notified bodies for the performance of certification tests on products.   The main standards used for testing are:

  • EN 161
  • EN 88-1
  • EN 88-2
  • EN 126
  • EN 13611
  • EN 334

In 2021 the laboratory was updated with the addition of supply lines up to 40 bar and equipped with the necessary instrumentation to measure flow rates of over 40,000 Nm3/h of air. In 2024 it was further expanded.



MADAS believes in the value of living in harmony with the society and the environment in which it operates. That is why it is also essential to comply with occupational safety rules and environmental directives and regulations.

During 2023 MADAS have obtained the certification according to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

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