Who we are
Madas Production

Madas is a company known for the production of safety and regulation devices and accessories for natural gas mainly intended to be installed in distribution networks, in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Located near Verona (Legnago), it started its production activity in 1974. In 2022 the company’s workforce is composed by 160 employees.

Thanks to the perseverance and competence of family management and to the work group, Madas is now recognized worldwide as one of the major brands in the industry.

The main gas products manufactured by Madas are:

  • Shut-off and safety solenoid valves, automatic and with manual reset
  • Pressure regulators and stabilizers
  • Filters
  • Safety valves of various types
  • Shut-off solenoid valves for fuel oils

The continuous research, combined with increasingly performing and competitive products has allowed Madas to support more and more experienced customers, professionals and established brands in its sector.

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