Madas Production

The demand for gas devices, born from the methanization of Italy in 1974, has created the conditions to establish our company.

The founder, with his family and a team of motivated collaborators, has started a journey that is still continuing today, always aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality of the production and the services being offered.

Over the years the company has expanded several times, especially the expansion in the early 2000s with a new assembly area, a construction inaugurated in 2012 creating an area dedicated exclusively to machine tools and the most recent with an area dedicated to the storage of raw material.

The purchase of several machining centers and CNC lathes and the recruitment of new qualified personnel made possible the internal processing of all the raw material derived from foundry significantly reducing the delivery time of the finished product.

Still in 2022, Madas is collaborating with almost every country in the world (currently with 88 countries), where gas is used. It participates actively in the drafting and modification of industry standards and the reference norms represent the minimum standard of operation and safety for all manufactured products.

The on-going research associated with the creation of more and more performing and competitive products has allowed us to serve very demanding customers from different sectors.

The love for the products, the respect for the customers and the humanity of the owners and all the collaborators have always been behavioral ethics pursued by Madas.

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